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The Stars Misplaced Vol. 1

by Stike

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I just want to talk to you. I won't, uh, do you no harm,
I just want to know about your different lives, on this here people farm.
 I know, I am a human being , not the right kind of species to trust 
 But you see, I've been traveling for quite a while
 I have changed beyond what we used to be.
 All upon myself, with I and I. Our dubby tapes keeps echoing. Again and again .. 
 You know it's been a pleasure, to have arrived here – have a break.
 From ourselves. Together
Time to get to know you
 Time to expand
 Our possibilities
 Our in-infinities


 Well. Well. That's nice to hear.
I am sure some of you will agree out here.
This outpost being so damn far away 
some of you are longing for some new contacts anway 
It has given me immense amounts of pleasure to say
and to see how this farm has has been. 
 How measurable all of this has been
 But measurable, all too measurable too

 And something got me thinking last night yeah I couldn't sleep. Is it really that much to ask

Time to get to know you
 Time to expand
 Our possibilities
 Our infinities

I would just like to have a ringside seat
I want to know about the new Mother Earth

 I need to get lucky

 Today or tomorrow

 Jeez, I must have have been under the influence again

 By all kinds of artists 

and all kinds of men 


Women too, you know 

Nowadays this road is sinking and the days are very long

 You see I've been traveling for quite a while now

 and I've changed beyond what I used to be
Mars Rain 02:38
Do I see a vacuum there, or am I going blind? 
Or is it just remains from vibrations and echoes long ago

 I say Clean me up Scotty
cuz I fear i gotta go 

and that man he kept looking, looking right through me
– judging, deciding. Where he wanted me to be 



 So what they say to me? 
It hasn't been true for such a long time And I've kept waiting and waiting
 For what I've always hoped it would be. To me. 

 I have changed beyond – what they used on me. 

What they made me out to be with that thing to me 

And you know why?

 Because I've been traveling for quite a while now

 And that changez peeps

yes i

 But it only does nothing for me 

 But maybe I should
Pluto Dogged 02:37
One two. 

Three Four

 Things like 'Love the World' and 'Let your fancy flow'

 Is this true? On your roads.

 Way to go guys

and girls

 Or are you single sex species

 With single sex minds.

 We could learn from something that

 Or haven't we 


 Please let me talk to you, please let me talk to them
 Just one of them

 Just one of them

 Come on

 So sorry about your kitchen 

I didn't mean it to happen

 At least not like that 

I don't know my self

You see I've been traveling for quite a while now 

I've changed beyound what the world meant to me

 Damn I just keep changing. Changing my mind.

 Stuff like that ain't it happening at us. At home. 

 At our place. You know.

 Far away somewhere across your galaxy

 Where we used to live


Moon Pull 03:16

I heard some of you got your families, living in cages tall and cold 
And some just stay there and dust away.

 Past the age of old
 Past their families

 Would you bring their siblings back 
Oh what you say?
 I cannot hear you when I am on this track 
In my rock hard cage.

 It makes me wonder, is it possibly possible for me to join them?
 I know. If only for just a minute or two To see if I can reach out And touch their hearts of gold
 Could it be possible? 

You know.
 Would you release me?


 Maybe I can melt them with my super duper powers.
 You see
I've been traveling for quite a while now
 I have changed beyond what we used to be. 


 What you say about that? Hehe.

 Would you release me?

 Just lead me the way know. 
I will come with you.
 Just lead me the way now 
I will come with you Ocean obey, wolfs know to howl Creatures comes out, babies sleep for now Did the cow really jump Is there a city inside? Queen of the night Place where magic resides
Round Blue 03:18
[spoken word] 
Is this true? Please let me talk to you
 I just wanna know about, the rooms behind your minds

 [slightly singing] Are they decorated? 
With white chairs Empty chairs Sitting beside a window A booklet or two A Marlowe detective or would they be a Marlowe play?

 But you see,
 I have changed beyond – what we used to be. 
Because I've been traveling for quite a while
 No longer am I used, used to be, to be. The things you people used to stall In their bedrooms or kitchens, after all
 Aren't they?

 So long to my fellow travellers
 I think I am being
 sucked away
 Sucking away

 Yes you can laugh 
I rather stop talking because I've got other business
 On my mind

 Welcome home
 Welcome home
 See hear everything


The Stars Misplaced is an ongoing collaborative project started by Stike after the recording of Viral Factory Uprising. A group of songs were created that instead of being instrumentals were intended to have lyrics and vocal performances. The project's title is a nod to Hendrix's sci-fi tinged "Up From The Skies" hence the song titles' celestial nature. Several artists have contributed to the project and the plan is to have future volumes.

Vol. 1 is Dutch artist Multi-Panel (Ludo Maas) take on the material. Leisurely recorded late summer/fall 2020 and refined in early 2021. He embraced the lyrical themes from "Up From The Skies" and expanded/personalized the character of the space traveling visitor.

Stike and Multi-Panel have been doing collaborations for over 2 decades.


released August 10, 2021

Music - Mike Steelman
Lyrics and vocals - Ludo Maas
Background Vocals - Eelke
Additional lyrics - Mike Steelman, Richard Morse
Mix - Mike Steelman
Mix Sherpa - Greg Frey

Recorded and mixed at Time Out Corner Studios, Bergenfield, NJ
Vocals recorded at L'Atelier, Breda, Netherlands


all rights reserved



Stike Bergenfield, New Jersey

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